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Murderous crimes make for twisted romance – novels by prolific British author, Alan R Graham, first published in paperback, 2016: A serial killer hounded by a deranged, female admirer; a globe-trotting supermodel whose boyfriends keep mysteriously disappearing, or; a beach romp that turns into a nightmare.

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A Child Serial Killer

Bodies In Ruins: But Who Is The Real Psychopath?

book cover, Bodies In Ruins. A monstrous psychological thriller with a fabulously flawed yet Strong Female Character.

The plots, of which there are many, are suspended between affluent, city life and an isolated village in the West Country [England]. It is the story of a love that develops between a respectable paediatrician and a young, female social worker; an affair to be deviously manipulated by a beautiful but deranged widow.

In part, it explores the windings of male sexuality from the view point of four female characters, while the compassionate and confused man in the middle, cursed with being unable to understand nor control his sexual urges, is left open to extreme exploitation. He is a child, serial killer... living a double life. He tries to justify the murder of innocent children, blaming others for his mis-deeds, all the while stoking the fascinations of his psychotic admirer. However, with care and great tenderness, our social worker, on discovering the appalling truth, finally breaks through and finds the answer to the madness haunting him.

... Will her efforts be enough? With the police closing in and that infatuated widow becoming more malevolent by the minute, his time is running out – his sanity, too.

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EXCERPT from Chapter Two:

Laurie Endecott regained her poise and veered left in between two broken sections of wall, disappearing into cloisters. At the far end of the many limestone archways she mounted some fallen rocks and fed herself fearlessly through a huge first level window. She was now on all fours, clinging to worn ledges with almost feline agility. Following the main wall of the chapel vestry, she leapt the emptiness of a crumbling doorway, then dropped down onto the remains of an external wall which encircled the lower terrace. She was twenty feet up... could feel the wind under her skirt as she crept out into the dim moonlight. Peering down at the deeply shadowed stage, she spied movement. The figure was now walking, aimlessly it seemed at first glance; but then perhaps, with purpose, head low, as if looking for something. The ground was even, grass well grazed by sheep, though dotted with immense, granite boulders... “Nicky, my little monster, am I late?” Laurie cackled, loudly.

Complex Psychological Suspense

From Where Tears Come: Can Subliminal Intent Be Murder?

Book cover, From Where Tears Come, romantic psychological twister.

From street urchin in Paris during the 70s to acclaimed international supermodel via London and LA, we follow Felicity's globe-trotting life story through the decades in her quest for love that tragically, always seems to allude her. All the while, behind the scenes, husbands and boyfriends keep dying. When she gets arrested for murder in 2016, her only chance of emotional rescue will come in the form of three men: a German, a Brit and an American, each in their own way having motive to aid in her freedom — but is she really innocent?

The story unfolds in an unorthodox, time-shifting fashion at the whim of a mysteriously obsessed narrator, with flashbacks and a compelling courtroom drama adding multiple layers to the plot.

You see, someone is inside Felicity's head and it is not her. Since childhood she has suffered from a traumatic though largely unnoticed personality disorder called narcissism, and over the years it has evolved into something all consuming. To overcome those demons Felicity will have to trump the past and reckon with her dead father's soul in order to take back control of her destiny... which is, from where tears come.

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EXCERPT from Chapter Sixteen:

Helicopters were swarming above as a police car pulled up towards the front entrance of the building. It slowed to a crawl, easing apart the crowds, trying to get as close as possible to the steps. Dozens of cameras ogled, peering from windows; some mounted on vans, others shouldered and jostling for position; even more on tripods stretched out along the terraced promenade in front of the hospital. Presenters and journalists fought to retain their posture and their mics within a throng of perhaps five thousand screaming fans. It was a heaving, emotional scene. Media coverage had gone ballistic, and within minutes the usually empty car park of this secluded and private institution near Baltimore had filled to bursting.
Felicity raced up the steps in a flowing, pink dress, practically pulling a police officer shackled at the wrist behind her. She had been dreading this moment, to be out in view, the public staring at her, not knowing what horrible things they might be thinking about her — that she was a serial killer! As she reached the top of the stairs she pushed aside reporters, turned and spoke just once: “Thank you all for being here today."
Abruptly and to her utter astonishment there was a cheer from the crowd. It rippled down the steps and out into the car park... A news channel microphone had picked up her voice and broadcast it to the entire world and a thousand listening smartphones in the vicinity. Those same media juggernauts that had over the years torn her to pieces for the want of juicy dirt on a celebrity had inadvertently come to her aid. She froze... There were people down there who really did care, who still loved her, prompting her to raise a hand to her gaping mouth as a tiny tear rolled down her cheek.

Mesmerizing Mental Mayhem

Dyvinia's Destiny: A Beach Romp Turned Nightmare

Book cover, Dyvinia's Destiny, romantic psychological twister.

When Dyvinia, a feisty young artist with an overactive imagination, befriends an older man, Tony, going through a midlife crisis, she assumes his best buddy will be more than happy about their fun-loving relationship. How wrong could she be?

Set in an Afro-Caribbean fishing village on the idyllic island of Margarita in 1983, Dyvinia's Destiny explores lies and loyalties in a torrid, triangular affair where characters bounce awkwardly off each other from one catastrophe to the next. Following her mother's death and a subsequent nervous breakdown, Dyvinia pulls through, brilliantly defying the skeptics by rising to become an overnight sensation in the Caracas art world. But there's just one problem: Who was Tony?

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EXCERPT from Chapter Two:

He turned to look at her and she saw his puzzled expression which she put down to the fact that he really didn't know who he was. How funny, she thought, I wonder what that's like? Nevertheless, he appeared calm and responsible, just like a captain should, and she rather fancied the idea of visiting other planets, so she was hoping he would invite her to his ship when Kate blew her little dream away with a holler from the kitchen: “Supper time!”

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