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Young Adult space drama, time travel and post-apocalyptic romance by prolific British author, first published in paperback 2016, with Amazon 5 star reviews.
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YA Sci-fi Space Thriller

Right Of Human: Part One — A Trilogy

Book cover, Right of Human, YA sci-fi twister.

Alexandra is a psychologist and AI code analyst who has been developing an android worker named Coggi for over ten years. Though they have never met, Xandra loves Coggi dearly, regarding her as her own little sister. Coggi, who has the mental capacity of a sixteen year old, considers herself an adult human. That is, until the awful day comes when she must be told the truth.

A threat is exposed after technicians on board an orbiting space station where Xandra works discover the android personnel of their research facility on the planet's surface below have all malfunctioned. Someone has hacked the facility's network and is trying to gain access to the higher tiers. Galactic terrorism!

The Orbiter crew has only one recourse: To set a trap for the hacker, using one of the androids as bait. Coggi was chosen because of her intuitive nature, her curiosity often getting her in trouble. Yet, of all the androids, she has the best chance of surviving the truth. Xandra must confront her, is now faced with an horrendous challenge: Save humanity or destroy her own sister while trying.

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EXCERPT from Chapter one:

There, far below, stood a figure. Though they had never met in person, she knew at once it was her beloved android, in the 'flesh'. Xandra had been dreading this moment more than any other, knowing it would be the greatest single impression she would have to endure, and it took all her strength not to burst into tears. Doubts began piling up like fallen skittles in an alley. She, best in her class, had volunteered willingly to spearhead this operation. Now she was a mess. Did she really have it in her? Here she was, falling at the first hurdle.
Image of android named Coggi She stepped out heavily on to a platform, as if shackled by the weight of her emotions, and was lowered to the ground. Coggi looked younger by a few years than Xandra who was 35, but they could have been sisters. Both had wavy, brown hair, though Coggi's was shorter; both, soft amber eyes each with a small upright nose between. Xandra wanted so much to rush over and hug her little champion but knew she could not. She looked at her standing there in a blue body-suit, smiled, almost apologetically, then pointed at some words flashing on her chest: "Coggi, Are You Comms Free?"

Time Travel Gone Seriously Awry

The Other Side Of NOW - A compact novella

book cover, Other Side of Now. A Time Travel novella.

When a young man travels a few hours into the future for mischievous purposes he has no idea he will accidentally kill himself.

Now it will take the incredible ingenuity and foresight of his colleagues, an android and his own future selves to right the wrong. In so doing he must experience events from different POVs, causing him to increasingly question the authenticity of the moments. The burden of time travel will exact a heavy psychological toll, to the point where he is wondering whether he can trust his other selves.

Meanwhile, success in their mission relies upon the fact that time is already written, nothing can be done or undone. So the trick they need to pull off to save his hide is quite simply breathtaking.

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EXCERPT from Part Three - Tomorrow:

Nestor smiled, perhaps for the first time with true intention. He stepped back and looked at Bails from under the wing of an old Dakota. “How the hell did you know?”
“Hey. I didn't. I just worked through it. There was no way another Nestor could be here. I checked everything, I ran diagnostics... nothing. So I proposed a concept, hoping that fate would accept. I just put it out there, for consideration. We all do this everyday of our lives. Sometimes destiny rejects our efforts and sometimes we get it right. Nothing more than that. I just set the pieces in play."

YA Post-Apocolyptic Sci-Fi Adventure

UNCUT GEM From The Edge of Energy

book cover, Uncut Gem. YA Si-fi adventure.

When government agent, Merk, is assigned to assassinate a villain out in the badlands, he never expects to be saved by, nor fall for, a mysterious young girl whose fighting skills are far superior to his.

Her name is Meisha, a tiny, twenty one year old desert dweller. She is dirty and disheveled in appearance, though somewhere inside that false facade he knows there is a beautiful person. He calls her his “Uncut Gem”. Meisha is intrigued by him, he does not appear to be like all those other mercenaries she has encountered in her short life. She agrees to be his guide though secretly she has her own mission to fulfill.

Days of tracking through the desert, fighting off thieves, bandits and robots at every turn, find them eventually at his destination: an isolated commune. But what might have appeared to Merk as just another simple job turns into a nightmare when a sinister plot that has been guiding their journey all along, is suddenly revealed.

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EXCERPT from Chapter Two:

She patted him lightly on the back, then dropped down off the bench and squatted in front of him, arms on his knees. She gazed up into his eyes. Now she knew how she felt about him. She was positive. If she could at least tell him half the truth, then the rest would soon follow. She trusted him. He did not flinch in battle, he did not leave her side, and he stayed to protect her. Truly, no one had ever given her so much comfort.
Nobody she had ever met was simply nice. There was always some ulterior motive, some gain to be had. Here was a man that asked for nothing more than kinship. He was a killer, yes…but it seemed he was able to separate his job from his personality. It was merely a thing he could switch on when needed. Unlike mercenaries who lived brutality, craved killing, and had nothing inside but seething disrespect for the world, Mercury was different. What he did was not who he really was. He was good and decent inside.

Can Androids Fall in Love?

Right Of Human — Revoked: Part Two of the Trilogy

book cover, Right of Human - Revoked. Science Fition part two of trilogy.

The headquarters of ASL, an enemy organization bent on destroying human life beyond Earth, has been covertly infiltrated by a highly sophisticated military android named Coggi. Her creator and AI code analyst, Alexandra Minkowski, fired for disobeying orders many years prior, loves the android dearly and wants her back.

Now Alexandra must gather together her crew of ex-colleagues in an attempt to rescue Coggi. But it will not be by conventional means. Xandra will side with the enemy – do a deal with them - hack her own military command center from within ASL HQ to find out where Coggi is and then extract her. Meanwhile, Coggi's memories have been wiped by the military, she is a walking time bomb who thinks she is human, and it will take all their experience to regain Coggi's trust.

That task is left to one person, a bi-gender named Paighton, and to make matters worse he-and-she have a secret crush on Coggi. If Paighton succeeds the job is only half done. The hard part: Escaping without military command finding out – and it will all go down to the wire with hellish consequences.

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EXCERPT from Chapter Three:

"It's like giving away the truth... about yourself,” Xandra assured her, wondering how it was that she could ever successfully explain the-birds-and-the-bees to an android. “It is scary but it is so amazing when it happens. You are no longer yourself, only, because you become attached to a partner who becomes you. It is not about the physics, the sexuality or the pleasure receptors. The most important part of your relationship will be in communicating. You must talk about everything; you know, your fears, your frustrations. Only in knowing how you truly feel will your boyfriend understand you and assimilation succeed. Silence is deadly!"


Part Three of Trilogy, to be uploaded shortly

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