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by Alan R. Graham
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Author's back list of psychological suspense, family drama and horror, where cognitive dysfunction and delusional misgivings drive plots and cause chaos, whether murder, kidnap or a terrifying nightmare.
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Old Fashion Horror Classic

book cover, Found in Attic. Gothic Horror novelette.

A Fiendishly Long Essay

FIRST RELEASE in The US - (Kellan Publishing) 2018

A dying man in 1928 recounts the onset of insanity in a letter to an old classmate. He is in his late forties, was a successful architect, now bedridden in London and terrified out of his wits. What has happened to create his downfall and retreat is shockingly delivered in the final pages of this horror story. Until then we must endure his tortuous discourse as he struggles to find answers to his deteriorating condition.

Is he delusional or could his ravings actually be derived from some truth?

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EXCERPT from within:

Daylight brings no relief. I could hope that I might wake from this nightmarish envelope, but no such luck, still stuck, the morning bringing with it no horizon. Like an eager salesman in a carpet shop the festering sun eyes me up through a chink in the drawn curtains whose cheerful, floral pattern laughs at my distress. I shiver in the heat of the sunlight, my brow damp and puckered though I cannot see – and do not wish to – the contorted grimace that would stare back at me from the other side of silver.

Twisting Romantic Mob Thriller Ebook


book cover, Turning of Hydrangea, romantic thriller.

A drunken diplomat, a French artist and a cartel kingpin are spun like a loom around the fortunes of a beautiful young, Mexican woman in this do-or-die thriller. Her name is that of a flower, Hortensia, Spanish for hydrangea. She is unhappy in her marriage but hangs on to it for the sake of her young son, until a bizarre pact finds her entwined in an extra-marital affair that quickly blossoms into love.

Set in a small town just north of Mexico City, her stable life is soon turned upside-down by the plotting of three powerful men. Who can she trust anymore? Perhaps only one person, Tina, an American, barmaid at a rustic restaurant on the outskirts of town. But Tina is keeping her mouth shut, she is scared – for everyone – because she knows more than she should. She knows that the US government is involved and that someone is going to die. Her clairvoyant friend, the artist, hinted as much. Button link to ebook for download.

Amazon 5 Star Reviews

EXCERPT from Chapter Five:

“I know, believe me... I know my father, he is a dangerous man. And I'm so afraid I'm going to lose Francis, or that he is just pretending to love me. I don't know what's happening.”
Tina was suddenly putting it altogether and it was not a pretty thing: The DEA; the cheap phone; the bottled up heap of beans. She cursed Francis for being such a nosy, imaginative fool. She looked at Paulito. He nodded in agreement, he knew what she wanted to say.
“Hortensia,” Tina said, looking sharply back at her. “I have something to tell you, but you must keep it to yourself, for the sake of Francis and both your lives.”

Tragic Family Drama

MELIE SLEEPS: Literary Fiction

book cover, Melie Sleeps, family drama novella.

A semi lucid man recounts the story of almost losing his life in war-torn Africa in the 1990s, only to be saved by his estranged sister. Boldly descriptive and harrowing in its detail, we follow the plot via his meandering thoughts through childhood and on up into their 20s. Melie is a rebel, while he a studious and, in his mind, rather naive academic.

Following her mysterious death he must somehow reconcile the loss with his unsympathetic parents and her scathing husband who blames him for Melie's passing. The author's experience in Africa during that time lends dramatic affect to the disastrous fallout and leads the reader to experience something few have ever had to consider: Mental Withdrawal.

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EXCERPT from Chapter One:

Melie sleeps in the soft down of my senses, wrapped in melodies of moments I recall. She is resting, lies tranquil, as if after a tiresome day. She is safe and warm and home. My best wishes are flowers I have placed about her in a mass of colour, petals of a paradise which I have conjured through childhood eyes; and I come to her via my thoughts, like a puppy in the early morning with wet nose and a curious grin, eager to be in the company of the one he loves. Yes, I keep her alive this way: Melie, my little sister, who lived a life-time in only 24 years; who owes nothing and who is owed so very much.

book cover, The Coming Days, psychological thriller.

A young, South Asian student, Sonya, in 'digs' at the University of London, has an awful dilemma: Should she enter a tv dating contest even though she has a boyfriend? She needs the money to pay for her tuition fees. Hell, Yes! But the guy she picks turns out to be a terrible mistake.

The boyfriend is none to pleased but hangs on as Sonya struggles to cope with the realization that her tv date might be notorious serial killer "The Negligee Nailer". If he is then she will need police protection – or will she? Too late to find out. She disappears, with the police and her confused boyfriend in hot pursuit. The tv station wont pay her unless the final episode is broadcast, which Scotland Yard has banned until "The Nailer" is caught.

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EXCERPT from within:

After half an hour of insane commentary and heckling from the audience, Sonya had to make up her mind: Which one would she choose?
On her left was an impossibly arranged young man with beauty sculpted by gorgeous, Arab features. He was too perfect, his manner and his dress sense unnatural; an act, she felt, not a true reflection of his character.
On her right a man... or perhaps still a boy. Charming, fair, cautious and very likable, but without spark. Boring! He would not cross swords with his counterparts which left Sonya with little compassion for him.
The guy in the middle was weird. His name was Lieutenant Bradley Cummings. The way he looked at her was alarming, gave her goose-bumps. There was allurement in his voice. He could casually open doors within her and she would let him walk right in. She had never met anyone quite so mesmerisingly astute. Not for a moment had she considered what he looked like... It didn't matter.

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