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close-up of coati face in tree

Professional photographer, Alan Graham, snaps fabulous photos of ring-tailed coatis at wildlife sanctuary in Belize. Adorable close-ups of babies and adults climbing about, eating, grooming and playing, in release cages and in their natural habitat. This website's favicon image

** What is a Coatimundi? **

Baby CoatisAdult CoatisPortraitsCaring For Coatis

An adult female coatimudi sitting in a mango tree.

Photos of Baby Coatis and Moms

A pair of baby coatis in grass, Belize. A coatimundi mother with babies feeding, Belize. A coatimundi mother at wildlife sanctuary in Belize with baby between her legs. A coatimundi juvenile feeding at tray, Belize. Infnant coatimundis suckling mother. Infnant coati trying to eat mango. close-up of baby coati squealing for mother.

** Coati Pet Care Guide **

close-up of coati face in tree

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These photos of The white-nosed coati (Nasua narica) show a white band around the snout, even as babies. They come from Central America, all the way up into Arizona and New Mexico. Coatis are thought to have been introduced into the United States. If you want to know more about this incredible journey you can preview Alan's natural history book Coati Kingdom here on this site.

Photos of Coatis Climbing Trees

A coatimundi male lies asleep on tree branch. An infant coatimundi climbing in thin branches. A coati walking across a tree trunk in the rainforest, Belize. A pregnant coati sitting in tree, Belize. A coati female laying in her tree nest. A coatimundi climbing on a golf cart. A pregnant coati sitting in tree, Belize. A female coati climbing along branch. A female coati lying asleep on tree branch.

The southern (SA) coati (Nasua nasua) has an all brown snout and has a huge range from northern Argentina all the way up through the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil to Venezuela. And the third in the family is the mountain coati (Nasua nasuella) a smaller, darker fellow who aptly lives in the lower levels of the Andes Mountains to the west from Columbia to Peru.

Portraits of Coatis in close-up

Infant coatimundis lying on rock. An albino coatimundi with harness, Belize. A coatimundi standing on the ground with ring-tail high, Belize. A male coatimundi face looking out from behind tree, close up, Belize. baby coati close-up head shot. close-up of three baby coatimundis eating. A large adult male coati lying on tree branch. A coati juvenile sitting close by in a tree.

Witzoo Wildlife Sanctuary is not open to the public. It is a rehab and release site caring for orphaned or injured coatis supported by the Forestry Department of Belize. Animals from the illegal pet trade are also fostered and are pictured here in this gallery. Find out more about the photographer here Author's Biography.

Photos of Caring for Coatis

A coatimundi baby in arms, Belize. The author seated with a coatimundi on his shoulders, Belize. Infant coati playing with sandal. A juvenile coatimundi standing on hind legs. Alan Graham with coatimundis in his arms, Belize. Infant coati hugged by carer. Coatimundi sniffing nose of carer. juvenile coati being handled by carer. baby coatis being fed raw egg.

Baby CoatisAdult CoatisPortraitsCaring For Coatis

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portrait photo of Alan R. Graham, author of thrillers, science fiction and factual articles over 25 years.

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