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Alan R. Graham is an established writer of psychological thrillers, science fiction, romance, and factual articles relating to natural history and wildlife photography over 25 years.

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"Everybody loves Dietrich.
You can't help but love her:
Crazy, funny, brilliant, beautiful, bubbly, balmy, her...
I guess you could say she was my destiny."

...ALAN GRAHAM (From Where Tears Come) 2019

Published writer of science fiction romance novellas and factual magazine articles, sitting at top of steps.

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five gold stars

TITLE: Bodies in Ruins, on Amazon May 2018 ... Susan1 Dark Fear and Desire

GENRE: Psychological Crime Thriller

A look into the mind of a psychopath that will leave you reeling, “Bodies in Ruins” is about the worst-of-the-worst, a serial killer of children! A man who devotes his life in London to pediatric surgery. The same man, using a different name, fights his nature on a daily basis to give in to something hideous he calls “the creeping”. This monster is conflicted, feels justified in his evil, and is sure he is the victim. The psychopath may have no empathy, but he is still a complex personality that is brought to light brilliantly in this novel.

There are really three main characters, as you will see. One other a mysterious woman who enjoys watching him, and the third is a social worker who is attracted to him. “He had a boyishness about him......yet he was so uninhibited.......It seemed peculiar that two distinct personalities should be found under the same roof; there had to be something she was missing.....something mysterious even.”

This storyline is complicated, unique, and sad. It is not my usual pick for an entertaining read, but it is a thorough look at bleak and twisted minds, unusual relationships, and lives in ruins!

five gold stars

TITLE: From Where Tears Come, Blogger 2019 ... Jill A. The Author is Brilliant

GENRE: Romantic Psychological Suspense

With a plot that carries you to different places all around the world. The characters have plenty of conflicts as you follow them throughout the years of their lives. I didn't want to set it down, but I had to sleep, LOL. Pay attention to where you are in the timeline and don't dismiss the characters who are introduced. It weaves itself together into an ending you won't expect. I enjoyed this book because it had me guessing throughout.

five gold stars

TITLE: Right of Human, on Amazon Sept 2017 ... Livian G. Loved the Fast Pace

GENRE: Science Fiction Thriller

I really loved the fast pace of this story, and the use of comms transcripts to propel the narrative rather than standard dialogue. Just enough detail to set the scene and you'll have to hold on tight, it's quite a ride! If you like sci-fi with a twist of humanity, definitely check this out.

five gold stars

TITLE: Right of Human, on Amazon Sept 2017 ... L. Sorrell. A really Interesting Read

GENRE: Science Fiction Thriller

I can't say that I usually pick up science-fiction thrillers to read, but I made the exception with Right of Human. Of course, I am biased as I know Alan R. Graham, but he didn't disappoint. It's obvious he is emotionally attached to his characters and the story. It's why I added this to my reading list. I must confess, I became attached too! I am glad Graham got me to change up my reading selection and encourage you to consider doing the same.

five gold stars

TITLE: Right of Human, on Amazon Oct 2017 ... Heather T. Buy this Book

GENRE: Science Fiction Thriller

I didn't purchase this book from amazon, but this author is creative and writes with an exciting enthusiasm that draws in his reader. He is a dedicated author and I'm thrilled to review this gem floating out there in another dimension! Buy this book, you won't be disappointed!

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