How to Manage Your Mind for a Brighter Future

by Alan R. Graham

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Book front cover, My Destiny, non-fiction self-help title about the future.

DESCRIPTION — A Guide to Discovering Your Destiny:
("passionate, evocative, compelling - My Destiny is a big read!")

The mind is a complex animal that evolves throughout our lives, most notably from early childhood, though well into our twenties and perhaps later still. It doesn't forget; it may shelve, bury or otherwise hide, but it does not delete; it goes on developing, hoarding both useful and erroneous functions.

So it falls upon our own selves to do the house cleaning from time to time. Unfortunately, we cannot buy an app for our brains, we have to do it ourselves.

To help us through the process, a chorus of protagonists fill these pages; people who we can relate to and share in the trials of their adult lives. Sylvia, a young child who drowned out her family feuding by locking herself away, only to reach adulthood unable to deal with confrontation. And then there's Hugh, who doubted his own father's love, which later found him drowning in a midlife crisis.

Rosalind grew up with the stigma of being both black and a woman. Did she finally break the glass ceiling? You bet yah! Her determination inspired this book, My Destiny.

Whatever we want is within our grasp, it's just a matter of focusing on the future without the distractions our muddled minds unwittingly produce.

Your destiny awaits... a journey you will not regret one bit.

"My Destiny"
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EXCERPT from Chapter Eight:
(of the women of war)

"... Many of them started with nothing; poor, homeless and starving. Where in God's name did they find the will? When you truly believe in something you are set free. You can do anything, nothing can stand in your way. When you truly want something it doesn't matter if you don't get there, what matters is the awakening. I can write of their courage, and yet sometimes I cannot really fathom it, I cannot relate to such human dignity, because I have never had the privilege of rising to a task of such magnitude."

My Destiny is about laying out the ground work for your success, but more importantly it is about potential, because destiny is about discovering yourself.

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Author BioSci-FiThrillersHorrorNon-fiction

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