Coati Kingdom, Non-Fiction

by Alan R. Graham

portrait photo of Alan R. Graham, author of thrillers, science fiction and factual articles over 25 years.

Beautifully illustrated title follows the harrowing true story of three orphaned coatimundis and their rescue from the illegal pet trade, before eventual soft release back into the wild. Website favicon image

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last updated: May, 2022

Book front cover, Coati Kingdom, non-fiction nature title about coatimundis.

DESCRIPTION — A Natural History Biography:

Pet owners rejoice, wildlife enthusiasts curl your toes. Finally a complete picture of these beloved creatures, with all the facts – and photos galore. Often hilarious, at times harrowing, Coati Kingdom charts the story of three orphaned babies caught up in the illegal pet trade in Belize, their rehabilitation and soft release back into the wild and ultimately their creation of a band of coatimundis that now exceeds 80 members.

"It is a true account of the stoic trials given to us by such an extraordinary bunch of social creatures learning to become wild... and then proving to us they could."

"Coati Kingdom"
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There is no other book like it, a beautiful tale by British author, Alan Graham, who has worked in the forests of Central America with these delightful animals for over 12 years. It is a detailed and factual account of the natural history of these exotic creatures by an animal lover who gained unprecedented access to their wild lives, becoming accepted as one of their family.

Coatis are owned as pets in their hundreds of thousands, many in the US. They are kept as exhibits by zoological parks around the world, loved and adored by all who encounter them. Photo Gallery. Why do coatis walk backwards? What do they really use their ringed tails for? Find out here in this charmingly explicit story. Coati Kingdom, a book packed full of fun facts and information about these cute, little monsters, will shock and delight you on every page.

EXCERPT from Chapter Nine:

"It saddens me most of all to think of a male coati's life. They do not run with the band, they live solitary lives and for that reason were once thought by explorers of the ‘New World' centuries ago to be an entirely separate species. They were even classified as such with the suffix “mundi” meaning alone, erroneously stuck on the end of “coati”. The name Coatimundi is thus a misnomer.
To think that a young kid grows up in the band, he learns about love and trust, he plays and snuggles, is adored by his mom and siblings... But then, at barely 18 months of age, his whole life is torn apart by the ego of an alpha male who chases him away, never to be loved again. For that reason I have a special affinity towards my young boys – I can’t help it."

** Coati Pet Care Guide **

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and our Perception of Existence, unraveled

A Philosophy of Science Debate

Book cover entitled: Time's Paradigm, and our perception of existence unraveled.

What is Time? One of the most enduring of questions:

"Time is an ethereal sensation of progress, unlike physical motion, which often obliges us to dismiss time as imagined due to our practical minds. We demand that time be like space, when it is not. Neither are moments the same as mountains, though we wish they were. Unlike space, time has no course, nay, no dimensions we may call upon to devise a direction.

"Time is form. It is an expansion of circumstance holding eternity to account, pushing the past and future apart and stretching eventuality. This perceived reality, our present moment, is our making, without us nothing would be..."

... (Time's Paradigm, 1988-2021) Published online.

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