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Alan R. Graham is an established writer of both fictional novels in the genres science fiction, psychological thrillers and romance, and factual articles relating to natural history and wildlife photography.

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"Had he arrived earlier he might have seen

a naked body, radiant and supple, of taught sinew and perfect tone;

muscles of immaculate proportion, with length and magnitude sublime;

a phenomenal creation of femininity, quite divine."

... (An Uncut Gem from the Edge of Energy, 2017)


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Right of Human soon to be released as an AudioBook

Narrated by The Author

Looking for Romance Novels with a psychological twist? Find them here on this site, strong female characters with flawed personalities a given.

Novel Coming Soon: May 23rd RELEASE DATE:

"Someone is inside her head and it is not her. A young girl who had lost her parents when she was barely in her teens now suffers from a traumatic though largely unnoticeable personality disorder. It seems, the divisive and sarcastic narrator is telling her story from within her own mind, while a second voice is trying to impart reason. Is she delusional? A duel is being fought between them and it is not until the very end that we realise who the narrator really is and to whom the other voice must belong.

From street urching to superstar we follow this woman's globe-trotting life story, in her quest for love that tragically, always seems to allude her. When she gets arrested for murder at age 60, her only chance of emotional rescue must come in the form of a childhood sweetheart – the man she has secretly adored her whole life, but who always manages to let her down.

Pre-Order NOW: AMAZON/Kindle

May 10th, 2018. International Living Magazine:
Just in from the Editors, that two of the author's articles will be published with them in July and August - "Why Belize?" and "The Girls on the Hill". The latter article is particularly touching as it tells the story of very good friends of his who have lived, worked and played on the Western Highway ridge around Mahogany Heights for more than 30 years (Donna Young, Sue Hufford and Sharon Matola).

Upcoming events and News about magazine articles to be published with International Living.

April 23rd, 2018. Here's a list of what is currently available to purchase in a bundle of short novellas, for under a dollar. We will expand this theme in the coming weeks.

THE THRILLING SEQUEL to "Right of Human"

"The headquarters of ASL, an enemy organization bent on destroying human life beyond Earth, has been infiltrated by a military android named Coggi. Her creator and AI code analyst, Alexandra Minkowski, fired for disobeying orders many years prior, loves Coggi dearly and wants her back.

Now Alexandra must gather together her crew of ex-colleagues in an attempt to rescue Coggi whom she regards as her little sister. But it will not be by conventional means. Xandra will side with the enemy – do a deal with them - and hack the military command center to find where Coggi is and then extract her. Meanwhile, all of Coggi's memories have been wiped by the military, she is a walking time bomb, and it will take all their experience to regain Coggi's trust.

The task of persuading Coggi she is in deed human is left to one person, a bi-gender named Paighton. After many weeks of trial and error, finally he breaks through and in so doing they fall in love. Now for the hard part: Extracting Coggi without being caught – and it all goes down to the wire with hellish consequences."


Dystopian sci-fi thriller packed with androids, war-birds and bad guys.

Upcoming new book release. A dillusional woman drives her lover crazy, but he doesn't care. He loves her too much. A fast paced romantic suspense thriller.


Latest Novella now on AMAZON - April 2018:

"Tony is a Brit in his early 50s. It is 1982 on the Caribbean island of Margarita. He knows Sylvia has had a troubled past and has delusions caused by a mental disorder. However, he needs her to keep his own sanity, even though she is a danger to him and herself. So what can he do? He is madly in love with this gorgeous 36 year old American woman. He struggles to cope while she bubbles with utterly adorable enthusiasm.

Though a carefully constructed narrative delivering tons of humor, it's not all laughs. Things get ugly when she starts to deal cocaine at the beach bar to the tourist clientele. Then her mother dies, sending her and their affair into a tail-spin. Tony seeks help from a psychiatrist who had treated her some years before, and the shocking truth is laid bare. Could Sylvia have killed her own mother?

One delusion after another throws Tony down a path of self-destruction until finally he is at his wits end. Revelations surface: Her delusions were spawned from years of horrendous childhood trauma after her father had died when she was just 14. Sylvia finally loses it completely; is taken to hospital. Tony is now contemplating suicide. He doesn't know it, but he needs a miracle - can Sylvia deliver?"


Also Recently RELEASED for KINDLE

"When a man travels a few hours into the future for mischievous purposes he has no idea that he will accidentally kill himself.

Now it will take the incredible ingenuity and foresight of his colleagues and his own future selves to right the the wrong.

Success relies upon the fact that time is already written, nothing can be done or undone. So the trick they need to pull off is quite simply breathtaking."


Ultimate time travel novella, totally unique and mind blowing.

Novel Submission. A monstrous psychological thriller

BODIES IN RUINS - newly released NOVEL

An horrific psychological crime thriller:

"The plots, of which there are many, are suspended between affluent, city life and an isolated village in the West Country. It is the story of a love that develops between a respectable paediatrician and a young, female social worker; an affair to be deviously manipulated by a beautiful but deranged widow.

In part, it explores the windings of male sexuality from the view point of four female characters, while the compassionate and confused man in the middle, cursed with being unable to understand nor control his sexual urges, is left open to extreme exploitation. He is a child, serial killer.., living a double life. However, with care and great tenderness, our social worker, on discovering the appalling truth, finally breaks through and finds the answer to the madness haunting him.

How, perhaps, this story differs from many in the genre is that it asks the reader to switch main character allegiances: While one would at once abhor the monstrous abductor and might have sympathy for the charismatic widow, mid way through the reader is forced to reconsider and, by story's end, they could well be sympathising with the woes of an abductor while abhorring the monstrous widow. Throughout, a fulcrum of stability resides within the fragile yet unwavering mind of a social worker."

Released MAY 1st - 2018: BUY IT NOW


Designed and created by the author, Alan R. Graham:

"Understanding prime numbers and how they relate to one another has long been the holy grail of mathematicians - predicting the next one a "Eureka" moment. Part of the fascination revolves around computers, message encryptions and security systems. Should someone create a formula to evaluate prime numbers and sub-primes, then servers, mainframes and even the Internet might be severely disrupted around the world.

Oops..! Those elusive and mind-boggling Primes have suddenly been denuded.

You can see in the adjacent image a simple math table syncing our decimal system with a Base 4 (Quaternary) system, to reveal the extraordinary fact that every prime number from one to infinity is paired with another, making their identification as we progress upward through the table towards very large numbers, incredibly easy. Even the special sub-primes are identified.

It is too simple for words.  It seems impossible, but it is true.  Even a child could have drawn this table.  However, more to the point, why is it happening? Why has it taken mathematicians so long to spot this simple relationship? And what is that relationship?"

Currently Under Evaluation: STAY TUNED on FB

The instant Prime Number Identifier pairs primes with others ad-infinitum, by synchronizing the numerical decimal system with the quaternary base 4 system.

YouTube video Book Trailer "Uncut Gem". Buy it now

from New Concepts Publishing

More news and events about book releases and video trailers


Writer of science fiction romance novellas and factual magazine articles.

A successful turnout for the author's live Facebook Chat, held, 7th May, 2017.

Facebook determined that almost one hundred people watched, and at times as many as 25 were actively participating.

Alan Graham was discussing the genre and aspects of his new release "Right of Human"

Two lucky winners scooped prizes: a free first chapter and a "Right of Human" t-shirt.

Special thanks to book illustrator, Stacy Price Holbert.

Video Book Trailer "RIGHT OF HUMAN", Released April 14th, 2017...

Facebook Events to watch out for:

An in-depth video presentation of his writing style @AlanGrahamAuthor.

Live Chat hosted by the author himself, followed by a quiz and prizes. Mid July

Live 'Show and Tell' bringing his friends and fans closer to him with frank and open revelations.


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