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Alan Graham is an established writer of both fictional novellas in the genres of science fiction and romance, and factual articles relating to science and wildlife photography over 25 years.

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"You know who I am. Everybody knows me. I'm not God. My name is Pain!

Felicity is my angel. It's where your tears come from. Where everyones tears come from; from her back-breaking efforts to draw water from that old, dry well. Her bucket never fills, I see to that. While she toils I watch. Cruel? Me? No..! I love her. She's my daughter.

And you cry because I want you to. Why should I be the only one?"

... (From Where Tears Come) work in progress 2017


Published writer of science fiction romance novellas and factual magazine articles.

Magazines and Novellas

A selection, in order from most recent dating back over 20 years

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New Concepts Publishing. The novella "Uncut Gem from the Edge of Energy" released 9th June, 2017

Kellan Publishing. The novella "Right of Human" released 21st May, 2017

BBC Wildlife Magazine. The article "Big Bad Snake" published July, 2007 in Tales from the Bush.

Devon Life The article "Hares: a Devon Dilemma" published March 2000

Travel Africa. The articles "Struggle for Survival" and "Ghana's Mole" published spring 2000 and spring 1999

Land Rover Owner International. The article "Monkey Business" published August 1998:

Video Camera Magazine. The articles "Wild Thing" and "Born to be Wild" published March 1998 and October 1997

Akwaaba Inflight Magazine. The articles "Deep Into Digya" - "All Creatures Great and Small" - "Dinner with Dinosaurs" 1996-1998

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