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Nov 2017 RELEASE, ebook for KINDLE

"When a man travels a few hours into the future for mischievous purposes he has no idea that he will accidentally kill himself.

Now it will take the incredible ingenuity and foresight of his colleagues and his own future selves to right the wrong.

Success relies upon the fact that time is already written, nothing can be done or undone. So the trick they need to pull off is quite simply breathtaking."


Ultimate time travel novella, totally unique and mind blowing.

EXCERPT from chapter Tomorrow: Nestor smiled, perhaps for the first time with true intention. He stepped back and looked at Bails under a wing. “How the hell did you know?”

“Hey. I didn't. I just worked through it. There was no way another Nestor could be here. I checked everything, I ran diagnostics.., nothing. So I proposed a concept, hoping that fate would accept. I just put it out there, for consideration. We all do this everyday of our lives. Sometimes destiny rejects our efforts and sometimes we get it right. Nothing more than that. I just set the pieces in play."

"Set in the far future, on a desert planet, Merk is a government agent: killer by profession. Ordered on a mission to eliminate a commune leader out beyond city limits, his first priority is to hire a guide but, instead, he gets mugged. Miraculously, he is saved by a young woman who appears wispish and childlike and yet has incredible, un-armed combat fighting skills. Her name: Meisha.

He hires her, and over the coming days of desert driving they begin to fall in love. She is dirty and disheveled, but somewhere inside that false facade he knows there is a beautiful woman; his fantasy - his uncut gem. However, she has a secret she cannot bear to tell him. Her jealous sister then lets it slip, breaks them apart - but it is only half the truth.

Merk agonizes, wants to forgive Meisha yet must do his duty. He tells her he will return for her when it is over. Unfortunately, someone has tipped off his target. Merk is now in trouble; will Meisha come for him? Only she knows the real truth; an unbearable suffering that can only lead to one horrifying conclusion."


Where to find romantic science fiction novellas.

EXCERPT from Chapter three: She patted him lightly on the back, then dropped down off the bench and squatted in front of him, arms on his knees. She gazed up into his eyes. Now she knew how she felt about him. She was positive. If she could at least tell him half the truth, then the rest would soon follow. She trusted him. He did not flinch in battle, he did not leave her side, and he stayed to protect her. Truly, no one had ever given her so much comfort.

Nobody she had ever met was simply nice. There was always some ulterior motive, some gain to be had. Here was a man that asked for nothing more than kinship. He was a killer, yes…but it seemed he was able to separate his job from his personality. It was merely a thing he could switch on when needed. Unlike mercenaries who lived brutality, craved killing, and had nothing inside but seething disrespect for the world, Mercury was different. What he did was not who he really was. He was good and decent inside.

*** Released: 9th June, 2017. Now on sale ***

"Alexandra is an AI code analyst who has been developing an android named Coggi for over ten years. Though they have never met, Xandra loves Coggi dearly, regarding her as her own little sister. Coggi considers herself human, has no idea of Xandra's existence, until the awful day comes when she must be told the truth.

A threat is exposed after technicians on board an orbiting space station where Xandra works discover the android personnel of their research facility on the planet's surface below have all malfunctioned. Someone has hacked the facility's network and is trying to gain access to the higher tiers. Galactic terrorism!

The Orbiter crew has only one recourse: To set a trap for the hacker, using one of the androids as bait. Coggi was chosen because of her intuitive nature, her curiosity often getting her in trouble. Yet, of all the androids, she has the best chance of surviving the truth. Xandra must confront her, is now faced with an horrendous challenge: To save humanity or instead destroy her own sister while trying."


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EXCERPT from Chapter one: There, far below, stood a figure. Though they had never met in person, she knew at once it was her precious Coggi, in the flesh. Xandra had been dreading this moment more than any other, knowing it would be the greatest single impression she would have to endure, and it took all her strength not to burst into tears. Doubts began piling up like fallen skittles in an alley. She, best in her class, had volunteered willingly to spearhead this operation. Now she was a mess. Did she really have it in her? Here she was, falling at the first hurdle. She stepped out heavily on to a platform, as if shackled by the weight of her emotions, and was lowered to the ground. Coggi looked younger by a few years than Xandra who was 35, but they could have been sisters. Both had wavy, brown hair, though Coggi's was shorter; both, soft amber eyes each with a small upright nose between. Xandra wanted so much to rush over and hug her little champion but knew she could not. She looked at her standing there in a blue body-suit, smiled, almost apologetically, then pointed at some words flashing on her chest: 'Coggi, Are You Comms Free?'.

*** Released: 21st May, 2017. Now in book stores ***

The steamy sequel "RIGHT OF HUMAN: REVOKED", already in the pipeline...

"Tony is a Brit in his early 50s. It is 1982 on the Caribbean island of Margarita. He knows Sylvia has had a troubled past and has delusions caused by a mental disorder. However, he needs her to keep his own sanity, even though she is a danger to him and herself. So what can he do? He is madly in love with this gorgeous 36 year old American woman. He struggles to cope while she bubbles with utterly adorable enthusiasm.

Though a carefully constructed narrative delivering tons of humor, it's not all laughs. Things get ugly when she starts to deal cocaine at the beach bar to the tourist clientele. Then her mother dies, sending her and their affair into a tail-spin. Tony seeks help from a psychiatrist who had treated her some years before, and the shocking truth is laid bare. Could Sylvia have killed her own mother?

One delusion after another throws Tony down a path of self-destruction until finally he is at his wits end. Revelations surface: Her delusions were spawned from years of horrendous childhood trauma after her father had died when she was just 14. Sylvia finally loses it completely; is taken to hospital. Tony is now contemplating suicide. He doesn't know it, but he needs a miracle - can Sylvia deliver?"


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EXCERPT from Chapter one: She expertly stretched out three, thin lines of coke with her paring knife, across a picture of a horse's penis, with almost surgical precision. A wispy thread of fair hair dangled before her eyes. She looked up and smiled, almost killing him on the spot. Though he had seen her smile many times before, it didn't make any difference; it didn't matter how many times he saw that smile it was always devastating. As the smile evolved, horizontal creases above and either side of her mouth formed a cascade of three, thin lines running all the way down to the chin, each rippling with tension as they were forced out in an arc towards her cheeks, like waves breaking up some sandy cove. The smile was wide and luscious, within a face that could have belonged to a teenage blonde, though it was actually owned by a thirty six year old cocktail waitress.

*** No Release date as yet. Stay tuned ***


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