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Psychological thrillers and science fiction with fabulously flawed yet Strong Female Characters.

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Romance is a major element of all Alan's books

Strong Female Characters Galore.

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Click here for an assortment of ebooks, all of which can now be purchased in a bundle for under a dollar. "Yes, development is crazy and I am going that way. Nevertheless, I am still in a mood to make things happen. So here we are and now you can download a heap of emotional turmoil, dystopia and action - which is what I strive to accomplish. Hope you agree."

THE SEQUEL to Right of Human Amazon reviews.

Right of Human - Revoked, July 2018.

"The headquarters of ASL, an enemy organization bent on destroying human life beyond Earth, has been covertly infiltrated by a highly sophisticated military android named Coggi. Her creator and AI code analyst, Alexandra Minkowski, fired for disobeying orders many years prior, loves Coggi dearly and wants her back.

Now Alexandra must gather together her crew of ex-colleagues in an attempt to rescue Coggi. But it will not be by conventional means. Xandra will side with the enemy – do a deal with them - hack her own military command center from within ASL HQ to find out where Coggi is and then extract her. Meanwhile, all of Coggi's memories have been wiped by the military, she is a walking time bomb, and it will take all their experience to regain Coggi's trust.

The task of persuading Coggi she is in deed human is left to one person, a bi-gender named Paighton. After many weeks of trial and error, finally he breaks through and in so doing they fall in love. Now for the hard part: Taking back control of Coggi and escaping without military command finding out – and it all goes down to the wire with hellish consequences."

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EXCERPT from Chapter Three: "It's like giving away the truth... about yourself,” Xandra assured her. “It's scary but it is so amazing when it happens. You are no longer yourself ONLY, you become attached to a partner who becomes you. It is not about the physics, the sexuality nor the orgasm. The most important part of your relationship will be communication. You must talk about everything; your fears, your frustrations. Only in knowing how you truly feel will your partner understand. Silence is deadly!"

Novel just released. A monstrous psychological thriller with a fabulously flawed yet Strong Female Character.

Published May 2018: BODIES IN RUINS - Full length British Novel Amazon Review.

An horrific yet compassionate psychological crime thriller:

"The plots, of which there are many, are suspended between affluent, city life and an isolated village in the West Country. It is the story of a love that develops between a respectable paediatrician and a young, female social worker; an affair to be deviously manipulated by a beautiful but deranged widow.

In part, it explores the windings of male sexuality from the view point of four female characters, while the compassionate and confused man in the middle, cursed with being unable to understand nor control his sexual urges, is left open to extreme exploitation. He is a child, serial killer.., living a double life. However, with care and great tenderness, our social worker, on discovering the appalling truth, finally breaks through and finds the answer to the madness haunting him."

... Will her efforts be enough? With the police closing in and that infatuated widow becoming more malevolent by the minute, his time is running out – his sanity, too."

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EXCERPT from Chapter Two: Laurie Endecott regained her poise and veered left in between two broken sections of wall, disappearing into cloisters. At the far end of the many limestone archways she mounted some fallen rocks and fed herself fearlessly through a huge first level window. She was now on all fours, clinging to worn ledges with almost feline agility. Following the main wall of the chapel vestry, she leapt the emptiness of a crumbling doorway, then dropped down onto the remains of an external wall which encircled the lower terrace. She was twenty feet up.., could feel the wind under her skirt as she crept out into the dim moonlight. Peering down at the deeply shadowed stage, she spied movement. The figure was now walking, aimlessly it seemed at first glance; but then perhaps, with purpose, head low, as if looking for something. The ground was even, grass well grazed by sheep, though dotted with immense, granite boulders... “Nicky, am I late?” Laurie cackled, loudly.

Nov 2017 RELEASE, ebook for KINDLE Novella

"When a man travels a few hours into the future for mischievous purposes he has no idea that he will accidentally kill himself.

Now it will take the incredible ingenuity and foresight of his colleagues and his own future selves to right the wrong.

Success relies upon the fact that time is already written, nothing can be done or undone. So the trick they need to pull off is quite simply breathtaking."

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Ultimate time travel novella, totally unique and mind blowing.

EXCERPT from Chapter Tomorrow: Nestor smiled, perhaps for the first time with true intention. He stepped back and looked at Bails under a wing. “How the hell did you know?”

“Hey. I didn't. I just worked through it. There was no way another Nestor could be here. I checked everything, I ran diagnostics.., nothing. So I proposed a concept, hoping that fate would accept. I just put it out there, for consideration. We all do this everyday of our lives. Sometimes destiny rejects our efforts and sometimes we get it right. Nothing more than that. I just set the pieces in play."

Where to find romantic thiriller novellas.

May 2018 RELEASE, Gets a face-lift: Formerly "Three Thin Lines"

"When a handsome man finds the woman of his dreams, it seems love and lust are no match for her delusional behavior, sending both on a roller-coaster ride to destruction unless he can figure her out.

A fabulously sexy beach romp full of exasperating humour set in 1982. You can't help but love them both: She with her hilarious antics and he with his mesmerized confusion. On an idyllic Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela a Brit in his early fifties finally meets the love of his life in the form of a beautiful young American blonde with an incredible smile.

Sylvia is bubbly and vivacious, a complete turn on, but he knows there is a darker side to her personality. In delving into her past he finds himself questioning his own values thus discovering himself in the process – but will that be enough to keep their relationship afloat?

The mysterious death of her mother spells the beginning of disaster. Then an horrific accident tears Sylvia's fragile mind apart and he, Tony, is left alone in a daze, contemplating suicide. Did he accidentally kill Sylvia? His only hope of salvation lies in the hands of a bright young psychiatrist from the capital, Caracas, and the near impossible promise of a happy ending."

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EXCERPT from Chapter two:

“Now you must kiss me,” Sylvia announced at the door to his shack. “We must consummate our relationship. Come on,” she smiled, rising on tiptoes and placing her hands on his shoulders. Tony did not hesitate. He slid one hand around her soft, slender waist and raised her off the sand, his other cupping the back of her head as he gently pulled her towards him. She closed her eyes as their lips met and felt a tingling in her tummy. His body was firm, his lips moist, his tongue deep and searching; it was all she could do not to feint in the heat of the moment as he devoured her consciousness bit by bit. Finally he released her. He was hoping for a smile, which he didn't get. Wondered if he had done something wrong when she answered his thoughts in typical Sylvia style:

“OK. Now it's Doggy's turn.”


She gestured with a wave of the hand. “You've got to kiss Doggy, too!”

May 2017 RELEASE, sci-fi thriller First in the Trilogy

Amazon Reviews

"Alexandra is an AI code analyst who has been developing an android named Coggi for over ten years. Though they have never met, Xandra loves Coggi dearly, regarding her as her own little sister. Coggi considers herself human, has no idea of Xandra's existence, until the awful day comes when she must be told the truth.

A threat is exposed after technicians on board an orbiting space station where Xandra works discover the android personnel of their research facility on the planet's surface below have all malfunctioned. Someone has hacked the facility's network and is trying to gain access to the higher tiers. Galactic terrorism!

The Orbiter crew has only one recourse: To set a trap for the hacker, using one of the androids as bait. Coggi was chosen because of her intuitive nature, her curiosity often getting her in trouble. Yet, of all the androids, she has the best chance of surviving the truth. Xandra must confront her, is now faced with an horrendous challenge: To save humanity or instead destroy her own sister while trying."

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EXCERPT from Chapter one: There, far below, stood a figure. Though they had never met in person, she knew at once it was her precious Coggi, in the flesh. Xandra had been dreading this moment more than any other, knowing it would be the greatest single impression she would have to endure, and it took all her strength not to burst into tears. Doubts began piling up like fallen skittles in an alley. She, best in her class, had volunteered willingly to spearhead this operation. Now she was a mess. Did she really have it in her? Here she was, falling at the first hurdle. She stepped out heavily on to a platform, as if shackled by the weight of her emotions, and was lowered to the ground. Coggi looked younger by a few years than Xandra who was 35, but they could have been sisters. Both had wavy, brown hair, though Coggi's was shorter; both, soft amber eyes each with a small upright nose between. Xandra wanted so much to rush over and hug her little champion but knew she could not. She looked at her standing there in a blue body-suit, smiled, almost apologetically, then pointed at some words flashing on her chest: 'Coggi, Are You Comms Free?'.

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And the steamy sequel "RIGHT OF HUMAN: REVOKED", already in the pipeline...

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